You are all invited to celebrate the Orientation Week with ESN WUM. If you are Erasmus student with the experience in living in Warsaw during winter term or Polish student, just come and share your thoughts with the new arrived collegues! 


Monday 22.02 Welcome Meeting & Pawilony

when? 7 PM

where? Klub Wieżyca, map soon

You will receive your Welcome pacs there, including University cup and free mobile's starter. Then integration.


Tuesday 23.02  Ice Skating ( take your STUDENT ID & 15 PLN)

when? 7 PM at the Metro Politechnika Station, map of the meeting point soon

 where? We are going to Torwar Ice Skating Rink


Wednesday 24.02 Old Town Walk & Pierogi (cost about 25 PLN)

 when? 6 PM

 where? Sigmund's Colums Statue


Thursday 25.02 ESCAPE ROOM (cost about 25 pln)

If you want to take part in one of the most demanding and fun games, just fill in this questionnaire. We want to make 4 teams ( 5 ppl in each), if you have already your group put it down in the questionnaire, if not, great, you will meet new ppl! :)


Friday 26.02  Before & Party

when? 9 PM

Where? More info soon


Saturday 27.02 Lights Show in Wilanów Gardens (cost 5 PLN)

when? 5 PM                 

where? Meeting point at Metro Wilanowska, detailed info soon


Sunday  28.02 Museum of Warsaw Uprising

 when? 4 PM

where? Detailed map soon

22/02/2016 to 28/02/2016