Are you at the start of your career path and feeling a little disoriented? 
Or maybe you would like to try something different? 
Perhaps you would like to go abroad? 

If so, our Partner company prepared a special free guidebook for you!

Careers in Poland is a project targeted at students, graduates and professionals who would like to pursue a unique career in Poland.

The project Careers in Poland started in response to the needs of international companies operating in Poland as well as to support the European labour market, which experiences some trouble connected with waves of the last economic crisis. Due to the fact that the European Union facilitates free flow of labour, there are no obstacles for the cooperation between well-educated, specialized professionals and employers offering enticing career opportunities. Our role is to ease this process and even to increase supply and demand.

The rapid pace of development of a business services sector in Poland is astonishing. Currently there are 128,000 people employed in the BPO, ITO, SSC and R&D centers allover Poland.

As the number of such centres is growing year by year, we have created the project Careers in Poland. Its main goal is to build the platform for employers and candidates interested in working in Poland. More

In order to bring to you information about your career opportunities in the most dynamic professional sector in Poland, we have just published the second edition of our guide for foreigners, Careers in Poland. Inside you can find profiles of employers who are looking for candidates from abroad, as well as interesting information about the main Polish cities. On top of that, we have added a section devoted to your first steps in Poland. Here you can learn about the formalities you need to go through before you arrival. There is also a great deal of tips, which will make your stay here a valuable experience and a wonderful adventure. 

We encourage you to take home a free copy of our magazine Careers in Poland, an invaluable source of useful information about pursuing a career in big Polish cities. The collection will be available: 15.12/14.01/